Ko van Dommelen ; revelation of the last decade

Introducing Ko van Dommelen is not really necessary, his outstanding results from the last 10 years has made him famous all over the globe. His strain is based on the old Jan Aarden pigeons which he inherited from his father. Ko has been refining and polishing his strain as if it was a diamond.

This resulted in world class pigeons which are at their best on hard races. By winning several first prizes on National long distance races it has become evident that his pigeons are adding value to long distance lofts.

What you can find in our breeding centre....

All the main lines are represented in our lofts. Children and grandchildren of a.o.the "Rochelaar", "Witpen 75" "Paarsborst", "Ultieme", "Oliebonte", "Lange Lichte" (3rd Nat.Pau '13) , "Mooie Korreloger", "Casje Vermeulen", "De Molenaar" and others will be taking care of offspring.

Some of the pairs have already proven to be able to breed good racers. In 2013 their children have won prizes in the first 100 on National races.

To view a selection of our van Dommelen pigeons and their pedigree please click on the images below. A full overview of our van Dommelen breeders can be found under the item "Pairs 2017".

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