Piet Lazeroms ; strain based on the "Aarden" lofts

from the sixties and seventies

Many lofts have succesfully introduced the pigeons from Piet Lazeroms. In the previous century Steenbergen and surrounding villages was the Mekka of the long distance pigeon racing.
Majority of the fanciers who had excellent results on these races had built up their lofts with the Jan Aarden origin. On advice given by Piet De Weerd entire lofts were bought by Piet Lazeroms, this to make sure he obtained the best pigeons. For years Piet lazeroms used this basis to create his own "Jan Aarden" colony.

In the seventies Piet Lazeroms was able to win top prizes with his pigeons, later when his health was getting worse he was no longer able to compete at the highest level. Nevertheless he still was the owner of one of the best and most complete Jan Aarden lofts. His pigeons still had and have the appearence of the Steenbergen pigeons from the old days, still able to compete with so-called "modern" long distance pigeons.

Most breeders bred from direct Lazeroms pigeons

More than ten years ago Piet Lazeroms has passed away. Finding direct Lazeroms pigeons, still able to breed young ones, is therefore very difficult. In a constant search for the pure Lazeroms pigeons it has been possible to collect the breeders as currently represented in our loft. Most of these pigeons are paired togehter in order to keep the strain in tact.

In the image galleries below you will find some of the Lazeroms breeders, by clicking on the image you will be taken to a larger picture and the matching pedigree.

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