Jac Steketee ; master of breeding

Jac Steketee has built up his strain mainly with the pigeons from Jan Cools. In the beginning he introduced some van Wanroy pigeons and later a few from the Piet Lazeroms strain (through the Gebr.Vroegindeweij).

The crossing with one of the pigeons from the Lazeroms origin gave him the "Stayer" an excellent racer and breeder. From the same pair also the "Brother Stayer" was born, he won the 12th Nat.St.Vincent on a hard race. His current strain is based on two lines, the one form the "Stayer" and the other is the "Marseille".

Through the years many fanciers have been very successful with introducing the Steketee pigeons. Numerous first prizes on National long distance races were won by pigeons who had Steketee blood in their veins.

Limited number of strong inbreds....

The number of Steketee pigeons in our lofts is currently rather limited, however more will be added gradually. Nevertheless are the ones we have at the moment from the best (old) lines and, although very strongly inbred, do meet our standards.

Because of the fact that they are so strongly inbred we have decided to cross some of them with a Piet Lazeroms pigeon. In our view a good match as there is already Lazeroms origine in the Steketee strain.

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