Top quality from the Champion of the Section

This part of the Breeding Centre focuses on the pigeons which had excellent results on the races over the last few years.

Concentrating on 2013 these pigeons won a.o. : 3rd Nat. Pau Hens, 8th Nat. St. Vincent ZLU Hens. One of the topracers from last year was the "Rode 44" who managed to get mentioned on teletext twice. Another topracer is the "Paudoffer", he won the 44th National from Pau in 2013. Many more similar or even better pigeons can be found here.

What are the base pigeons....

The champion loft has been carefully built up, mostly with pigeons from local fanciers. Using that as a basis it soon revealed that the mix of these several types of pigeons resulted in breeding real winners.

It has already been proven that these pigeons are able to win topprizes on races with various circumstances.

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