Passion for long distance pigeons

As you probably have read on the Home-page the Breeding Centre does not longer exist.
The decision has been taken to continue breeding pigeons with a smaller number of pairs. On the one side that will be the pigeons going back to the old Jan Aarden strain. This will mainly be the Piet Lazeroms pigeons and some Steketee from the old lines.

In addition to these two strains we have added the pigeons from the great Belgian Champion Noël Peiren. At this moment over 20 direct Peiren pigeons are on stock.
In 2020 the first children from the new line have been trained. We hope to get the opportunity to test them next year.

Breeding loft focussing on long distance

At the moment we have a bit less than 20 pairs in our breeding loft. These pairs are from the Piet Lazeroms orgine, as well as pigeons from the Steketee strain. As mentioned above we now also have the Peiren pigeons, descending from his best lines.
In order to try to keep the Jan Aarden-origine alive, the Piet Lazeroms pigeons are paired together.
Offspring from these pairs are best used to cross with pigeons from another long distance strain.

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