Passion for long distance pigeons

After the purchase of the Peiren pigeons we decided to participate on the races from our own location.
In 2021 we carefully started with a limited number of yearlings. These were all children bred form the direct Noël Peiren pigeons.

The first results were really encouraging, in total I did basket on four long distance races and the pigeons already showed they were holding something for the future.

This was continued in 2022. On the first hard long distance race it was "De Jonge Lange" who won the 3rd National on St.Vincent/Bergerac against more than 12000 birds. Also the rest of the season the results were satisfying.

Exclusively Noël Peiren pigeons

At the moment we have about 20 direct Peiren pigeons in our loft. These are all from the famous lines of this Belgian Master, like "Vale Didi", "Nero", "Didi 767", "Tarbes" and of course "Magic Barcelona".
All the pigeons from Peiren are paired together, in such a manner that there is not too much inbreeding.

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