Two fanciers with a passion for long distance races

The idea to create a Breeding Centre for long distance pigeons was born at the end of 2013.
Pigeons going back to the old Jan Aarden strain have been the foundation for our relatively small breeding centre.

Breeding Centre focussing on Piet Lazeroms origine

At the moment we have a bit less than 30 pairs in our breeding centre. The majority of these pairs are from the Piet Lazeroms orgine, added to these pigeons are the ones from the Steketee strain.
In order to try to keep the Jan Aarden-origine alive, the Piet Lazeroms pigeons are paired together.
Offspring from these pairs are best used to cross with pigeons from another long distance strain.

Contact Us

In case you would like to get more information about our breeding centre or want to visit please contact us, our contact details are :

Telephone: +31.6.23686888