Two fanciers with a passion for long distance races

The idea to create a Breeding Centre for long distance pigeons was born at the end of 2013. At that time we (Bart and Hans) sat together to discuss the possibilities to join our efforts.
We both are middle-aged pigeon fanciers with a long experience in breeding and racing pigeons.
Needless to say we wanted to start off with pigeons that are specialized in long distance races.
Bart has proven to be a top-fancier and has won the Championship Long Distance in Section 12 in 2013 ans also in 2014 the results have been outstanding. From that side a contribution will be made by introducing the lines of his topracers.
Hans, the other half of the team, is more focussing on the breeding side. When looking at the breeders in our lofts you will easily recognise the kind of pigeon he likes best.

Breeding Centre on nice location

At the moment we have more than 40 pairs in our breeding centre. In the course of the coming years this number will gradually be extended, either by purchasing new breeders, or through internal supplements.

With the aim of breeding pigeons who can have good results on the races a number of pairs consist of crossings. Besides that we do have of course sufficient pairs of which both parents are from the same origine.

Contact Us

In case you would like to get more information about our breeding centre or want to visit please contact us, our contact details are :

Telephone: +31.6.23686888