Stock birds from the best Dutch origin

Welcome to the website of breeding centre "Dutch Breed". As the name implies we are based in The Netherlands. Our intention is breeding long distance pigeons of outstanding quality from the best Dutch origin. For this purpose we will be using three main breeds which all can find their foundation in the old "Jan Aarden" pigeons.
Added to these three breeds are the pigeons who have proven to be excellent racers in the last few years.
More about the two fanciers behind the breeding centre can be found under the item "About us".
Details about breeders, their pedigrees and how they are paired this year is provided on several locations on the website, catagorized by the different breeds.

Throughout the year young birds will be for sale.
No pigeon will leave our breeding centre unless we are fully satisfied about the way they have developed and their health.

Contineously looking for better pigeons

The quality of the pigeons currently on our lofts is high. This does not stop us to look for pigeons of even a higher quality, and subsequently we will also invest in that.

Up to now our "search" has resulted in adding nine excellent pigeons from the Lazeroms origin. Parents of these pigeons are still direct from Piet Lazeroms.
The van Dommelen collection has been extended by the purchase of 5 pigeons direct from Ko van Dommelen, among these a son of the "Witpen 75"and a daughter of the "Rochelaar", who is also the father of the 1st National Narbonne.

In 2015 the yearlings (bred from the breeders) have been raced on several long-distance races. The first results already show that a crossing with a Lazeroms pigeon is promising.

Contact Us

In case you would like to get more information about our breeding centre or want to visit please contact us, our contact details are :

Telephone: +31.6.23686888 or +31.6.26392767