Stock birds from the best origin

Welcome to the website of "AAHH Pigeons". Initially we have started as a small Breeding Centre called "Dutch Breed" but early 2019 we had to decide to end this. The name "Dutch Breed" as such will therefore no longer be used, also because we now also have pigeons which originate from outside Holland. Our intention is breeding long distance pigeons of a good quality, from the best origin.

Details about breeders, their pedigrees and how they are paired this year is provided on several locations on the website.

Throughout the year young birds will be for sale.
Please feel free to contact us to inform what we have for sale. Also sometimes there will be details posted about pigeons for sale on the dedicated "For Sale" page.

Reduced number of pairs for 2021

As from 2020 on the focus will partly be on the Piet Lazeroms (Jan Aarden-based) pigeons

Most of these breeders are bred from direct Piet Lazeroms pigeons.
Added to these are a few Steketee pigeons from the old strain.
Newly introduced are the Peiren pigeons.

Contact Us

Telephone: +31.6.23686888