Noël Peiren ; Champion from Belgium

A great Champion who, despite his fantastic results, has remained to be a very approachable and friendly person.
That is how, in short, I would describe Noël Peiren. National and International victories are on his list of results. This with his extremely strong family of pigeons, based on the old Belgische strains ; Catrijsse, van der Espt en VanBruaene.
The strength of the loft can be found in the fact that the best racers and even the National winners never will be sold. After their successful careers they are transferred to the breeding loft. Most of the pigeons on the racing lofts are children from his breeders.

Introduction of direct Peiren pigeons

In June 2019 I was asked by a group op Maltese pigeonfriends if I could join them during their visit at Noël Peiren. The reason for this was that I could act as interpretor during that visit. Noël Peiren's English is not fluent.
A few years before I had visited a fancier in Germany who has many Noël Peiren pigeons and I was very much impressed by the quality of this strain.
Now I was given the chance to see these pigeons at the lofts of the master himself !
An amazing colony, existing of a type of pigeon that has only one goal, to get home as quickly as possible.
The first contact resulted in the purchase of my first 12 Peiren pigeons. In 2020 another 10 were bought. Also in 2021 and 2022 some purchases of direct Peiren pigeons were done.

Photo's Cocks

Photo's Hens


Telefoon: +31.6.23686888

Telephone: +31.6.23686888